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Kate is born & raised in New York, currently based in Queens. After a career in live sound engineering, she shifted her work to UX design and research. Her focus is on user research that emphasizes psychological accessibility: intuitive design is not just for those who are accustomed to digital norms.

I began my journey in UX as a continuation of my curiosity in how people navigate their lives in the digital realm. A main responsibility for my previous work was designing and building out custom audio systems for venues, which sparked a passion in sound design. Focusing on sound design systems gave insight to the conjunction between human interaction and designed technology in a physical space, and how easily that harmony is malleable. Understanding how humans interact digitally is paramount for valuable UX design, and I view the human-to-computer relationships as symbiotic.

If you have a specific project in mind, shoot me an email: me@katesloan.design

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